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The Oral Microbiome (A Mix of Good and Bad Bacteria)


Everyone is born with bacteria throughout their bodies, and we mean a LOT of bacteria. Estimates from a clinical study stated there are approximately 38 trillion bacteria in the human body.(1)  Some are good, but some are bad. It’s when we have an imbalance of these good and bad bacteria that we start to experience health issues like inflammation and disease. 

Just like your body, your mouth is teeming with tons of bacteria. There are over 700 different types of bacteria that have been found in the human mouth, with each of us having a unique mix that make up our oral microbiome (the community of bacteria in our mouths).  When the bad bacteria outnumber the good, diseases like dental caries (cavities), gingivitis, gum disease, bad breath, and ear/nose/throat infections arise. These diseases are all caused by having too many bad bacteria in your mouth. But how does this imbalance occur you might wonder? Good question!

Your diet, your level of stress, and the make up of your oral microbiome all play a role in the amount of good and bad bacteria that you have in your mouth. Eating sugary foods, and habits like constant snacking, increase the number of bad bacteria by fueling them with food to eat which allows them to thrive and multiply.  You and your kiddos can brush, floss and even eat well but still seem to have cavities every time you visit the dentist, which may be a result of not enough good bacteria living in your mouth.

This goes back to everyone having a different mix of good and bad bacteria in their mouths.  Some people naturally have more good bacteria, which could be part of the reason friends of yours never seem to get cavities, and some people naturally have more bad bacteria, which is why it may seem that you can brush and floss daily and still end up with cavities.  This is where taking a dental probiotic can even the playing field for your mouth.

Taking a dental probiotic daily is a great way to boost the good bacteria your mouth needs to fight the bad bacteria. Along with brushing and flossing your teeth, taking a dental probiotic can help prevent tooth decay and cavities and naturally increases the number of good bacteria in the mouth leading to a balanced oral microbiome. SUPER TEETH Dental Probiotic has a unique blend of good bacteria strains that go to work right in your mouth so you have a fighting chance against those bad bacteria.